The Best 5 Recess Pickleball Paddle Options

Having a quality paddle is crucial when it comes to pickleball. We recommend the Recess pickleball paddle especially for beginners. Recess offers some of the best pickleball paddles, regardless of skill level. 

Recess pickleball paddle

Recess Pickleball Paddles

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, they have something for everyone. One of their popular options is the Recess First Serve.

This product is perfect for beginners. Its lightweight design allows for better control and consistency on the court. It is an easy place to get started.

The Recess pickleball paddle has a wide face, providing a larger sweet spot, which means fewer mis-hits and more consistent shots. Recess offers the Prime Time paddle for intermediate players looking to improve their game.

Recess Pickleball Paddles

Recess Pickleball Paddles – Elite Pro

recess pickleball paddles

If you’re an advanced pickleball player seeking top-notch performance, you might want to consider the Recess Elite Pro paddles, one of the best on the market.

This Recess pickleball paddle is designed for professionals and high-skill players who demand precision in every shot. The Elite Pro boasts an extra-long handle that enhances reach and leverage while maintaining balance (my favorite feature).

With its responsive graphite face and engineered polypropylene honeycomb core, this paddle offers exceptional touch, control, and speed. When you want to buy a quality pickleball paddle, Recess stands out as one of the leading brands in the industry.

Recess Pickleball Paddles – Intermediate Players

If you stop into your local pickleball shop, intermediate players have many options. These pickleball paddles are designed to balance power and control, making them perfect for players who have gained experience and want to spin the pickleball.

Here are some best-selling pickleball paddles catering to intermediate players who want to win!

Selkirk Prime Epic Paddle

One popular equipment choice among intermediate players is the Selkirk Prime Epic paddle. In my pickleball foursome, this would be considered a power purchase.

This perfect paddle features a polymer core that provides excellent control and touches on the ball, allowing for precise shots and drinks. The face of the paddle is made from a durable composite material that enhances power without sacrificing control.

The Selkirk Prime Epic also boasts an elongated shape, giving pickleball enthusiasts a larger sweet spot to work with when hitting shots. This pickleball paddle could be the best of all paddles.

Recess Pickleball Paddles

Engage Encore Pro Paddle

Recess Pickleball Paddles

Another great option for intermediate players is the Engage Encore Pro paddle. Known for its exceptional spin capabilities, it is the ultimate buy for those who want to add some extra finesse to their singles or team game.

It features a polypropylene core, offering a superb touch on every shot. The fiberglass face helps generate spin when needed, making it a versatile choice for intermediate players who are comfortable mixing up their shots.

Onix Evoke Pro Paddle

For those seeking a slightly heavier weight model, the Onix Evoke Pro could be just what they need. This graphite-faced paddle provides stability and strength without compromising maneuverability on the court.

Its wide body shape gives ample surface area for hitting easy shots precisely while allowing room for error during fast-paced exchanges at the net. 

They have unique features that cater to different play styles while maintaining an optimal balance between power and control required by intermediate-level athletes in this fast-growing sport.

how to choose a pickleball paddle

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are there fake pickleball paddles?

Yes, there are fake pickleball paddles in the market. Consumers should be cautious and purchase from reputable dealers or official brand websites to ensure authenticity.

Q: Is SLK the same as Selkirk?

No, SLK is not the same as Selkirk. SLK is a brand line under Selkirk Sport that offers a range of pickleball paddles. Selkirk is a well-known manufacturer in the pickleball community, offering a variety of high-quality paddles, among other products.

Q: Do you want a 16mm or 13mm pickleball paddle?

Depending on your playing style and preferences, you can choose between a 16mm or 13mm pickleball paddle thickness. A 16mm paddle typically offers more power and is suited for players who prefer a heavy-hitting game. A 13mm paddle, on the other hand, provides better control and is lighter, making it easier for quick, precise shots.

Q: Where is Recess Pickleball based?

Recess Pickleball is based in Austin, Texas. The company is known for creating colorful and uniquely designed pickleball paddles and accessories, emphasizing fun and accessibility in the sport.

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