The 5 Best Selkirk Pickleball Bag Options You Must See Now

Alright, folks, gather around the campfire of knowledge because I have a tale that’ll change how you hit the courts with this ultimate pickleball bag. The Selkirk Pickleball Bag is, in our opinion, the MVP of the pickleball backpack, crafted with such precision that it practically whispers sweet nothings of strategy into your ear. Our team has tested these to the courts and back and here are the recommendations.

The 5 Best Selkirk Pickleball Bag Choices

Pro Line Tour Bag

selkirk pickleball bag
  • Ideal for: Tournament players, serious players with extensive gear.
  • Bag Dimensions: 14″x11″x 20.5″
  • Bag Weight: 3lb
  • Key features: Large mesh side pockets, insulated thermal food storage, ventilated shoe compartment, durable construction, laptop sleeve, cellphone compartment, comfy straps.
  • Customer praise:  Spacious, well-organized, high-quality materials, comfortable to carry, drink pouch.
  • Considerations: Pricey,  bulky for casual players.
  • Retail: $200

Pro Line Team Bag

best pickleball bags
  • Ideal for: Competitive and tournament-level pickleball players.
  • Bag Dimensions: 11″x11″x 20.5″
  • Key Feature: Large capacity with multiple compartments, including specialized pockets for laptops, cellphone compartment, and ventilated shoe compartment.
  • Customer Praise: Spacious, durable, stylish, comfortable to carry, drink pouch.
  • Considerations: Pricey and potentially bulky for casual players or those with minimal gear.
  • Retail: $150

Core Line Day Bag

selkirk pickleball bag
  • Ideal for: Recreational players, beginners, those carrying minimal gear, perfect medium sized bag.
  • Bag Dimensions:  13″x5″x16″
  • Key features: Compact size, lightweight, multiple compartments, padded shoulder strap, cellphone compartment, laptop sleeve, cellphone pocket clip, affordable.
  • Customer praise: Great for casual play, good value for the money, comfortable to carry.
  • Considerations: Limited space for advanced players.
  • Retail: $40

Core Line Team Bag

selkirk pickleball bag
  • Ideal for: Regular players, intermediate players w/ some gear.
  • Key features: Spacious main compartment with multiple pockets, padded front pocket, ventilated shoe compartment, comfy straps, laptop sleeve. 
  • Customer praise: Perfect size for everyday play, good organization, comfortable design, affordable.
  • Considerations: Might be small for tournament needs.
  • Retail: $80

Core Line Tour Bag

best pickleball bags
  • Ideal for: Serious pickleball players seeking extensive storage and organizational features
  • Key Feature: Spacious main compartment with specialized storage options, including a cooler compartment and multiple accessory pockets, laptop sleeve, padded front pocket, constructed for durability.
  • Customer praise: High capacity, innovative organization, sturdy.
  • Considerations: Pricier, may be too large for some
  • Retail: $130

Junior Backpack

best pickleball bags
  • Ideal for: Young pickleball players.
  • Key features: Smaller size, lightweight, fun and colorful designs, multiple compartments, padded front pocket, comfortable straps, a versatile and reliable bag.
  • Customer praise: Perfect size for kids, durable, fun designs, affordable.
  • Considerations: Limited capacity, might not be suitable for older children or adults.
  • Retail: $180

Why the Selkirk Pickleball Backpack? Let’s Break It Down

Pickleball players looking for a goto backpack line for pickleball? Look no further than the Selkirk pickleball bag. They have the core tour pickleball backpack bag for all of your needs. Their backpack line for pickleball players is a masterpiece of compartments, comfort, and coolness, designed specifically for the pickleball aficionado. Whether casually volleying on a Sunday or smashing competitors at a tournament, this core bag line is like your loyal steed, ready to carry your arsenal into battle.

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